"For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord." (Hab. 2:14)

About the Centre

The Centre for Biblical and Theological Literacy is an agency of Northwest Baptist Seminary, developed to serve and support Evangelical Churches and their people. Within higher education ‘centres’, among other functions, concentrate energy and resources intentionally to advance understanding of and solutions to specific needs. CBTL seeks to provide this kind of focused attention on issues of biblical and theological literacy.

Northwest’s decision to establish CBTL arises from deep conviction regarding the Bible as the Word of God and the essential importance of its wisdom for human good, individually and collectively. Salvation and shalom become reality when biblical wisdom is allowed to flourish and become influential in human society.

Northwest offers an effective platform for CBTL because of its commitment to teaching and forming people who are biblically and theologically literate. This has been its mission for seventy years.

The work of CBTL is overseen by the director, Dr. Larry Perkins. He is accountable to Dr. Kent Anderson, Northwest’s President. The vision of the centre, however, is developed and shaped by the CBTL Guiding Committee. The members of the Guiding Committee included Northwest’s faculty, the Executive Director of the Pacific Region of the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches (FEBPac), and two pastoral leaders.

CBTL welcomes the partnership of individuals who desire to support the vision of the Centre through prayer, research, writing, and financial gifts. If you desire to give to the support of the Centre, please direct this through Northwest Baptist Seminary (www.nbseminary.ca).

CBTL has a very broad mandate, but seeks to fulfill it through focused projects. In particular it serves as a resource to assist FEBPac churches discern and develop biblically appropriate and theologically astute responses to theological and other issues, thereby contributing to the mission achievement of these churches.