"For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord." (Hab. 2:14)

Mission, Vision and Goals

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The mission  of the Northwest Centre for Biblical and Theological Literacy (CBTL) is to equip Christian and non-Christian individuals and communities to discern the wisdom of the Christian Scriptures and be competent and motivated to apply its wisdom for salvation and shalom in their communities. In short to “give Scripture its voice!”

The Centre’s vision is become a nationally recognized  promoter of biblical wisdom and its benefits by developing the capacity of individual believers and local churches to interpret, articulate, and apply biblical wisdom to all aspects of personal life and societal development such that salvation and shalom results. It will be known for its understanding and teaching of Evangelical Hermeneutics and its rigorous application of such methods to the interpretation of the Christian Scriptures, as well as the careful communication and application of this wisdom to key elements shaping Canadian society. By championing the voice of Scripture CBTL seeks to motivate all people to embrace biblical wisdom and discern its relevance for nurturing healthy ways of being human together in Canada and other regions of the world.

The Centre’s goals include:

  • promoting research and prepare resources that assist Christians and their leaders to define, explain and expound biblical ideas and their application, using methods appropriate to Evangelical Hermeneutics;
  •  promote research and prepare resources that teach and demonstrate the application of biblical and theological literacy to specific contemporary issues, theological and otherwise;
  • advocating publicly for and teaching biblical and theological literacy and its various applications within local church and seminary/college venues, through different media, seminars, workshops, courses, and conferences, in order to impact Canadian society for salvation and shalom;
  • providing a framework within which Northwest faculty (and others who may have similar interests), associated pastoral leaders, and students can bring to a focused result their individual and collective research into issues of biblical and theological literacy, employing Evangelical hermeneutics.

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